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Pelvic floor training with TOGU® products

How can a muscle be trained that few people know and can not even see?
There are different variants and possibilities here. The simplest, which we also pass on and teach to specialists in our training and further education, is the integrated pelvic floor training according to the BeBo® concept.It starts in daily life at home, at work or during sports.

Professional athletes need a different pelvic floor training than a newly mum.
Pay attention to this, even if an exercise is so refined and beautiful.

Just how to tense the pelvic floor?
We say, quite simply:

  • as a woman: Close the urethra, vagina and anus
  • as a man: close the urethra and anus
    meanwhile exhale. That’s it !!

Here, the deep abdominal muscles are activated at a certain intensity.
Caution: pelvic floor training not only means strengthening, just as important is the relaxation and must not be neglected!

Aids for adequate pelvic floor training can be installed in the form of small appliances. For this purpose, our experience shows that, for example, TOGU® products such as Ballkissen®, Anti-Stress-Balls, Redondo® Ball, Bands-Tubes, Powerball®, Topanga® and Brasil® are the best.

They not only have the highest quality, but also offer the opportunity to bring individual training to different levels according to their own requirements and also enable a creative and varied training session. We like to build them in our trainings and also in the workshops and meetings. A big thank you to TOGU® who support us in our work with the best service and their top products.

Ilknur Kaffer, BeBo Gesundheitstraining