Home fitness with the Jumper® and the new Brasil® berry

New year, new motivation to live more sporty and healthier. With the clever and high-
class training equipment from the Bavarian company TOGU, daily exercise units can be
easily integrated into everyday life without a long journey to the next sports studio.
Particularly innovative: the air-filled trampoline ball Jumper® and the handy deep
muscle trainers Brasil®.

Actually, everyone already knows it: regular exercise is important for long-term health and
fitness. If only it weren’t for the inner weakness that finds the cosy sofa so irresistible. The
solution to this problem: combine exercise with little effort. With the easily stowable Jumper®
and Brasil® training equipment, your own home gym can be set up very quickly. The products
make it possible to implement a variety of simple exercises in the home workout without any
problems. Training charts and YouTube exercise videos can provide inspiration. Besides the
playful approach that the products provide, there is another important advantage: Jumper®
and Brasil® additionally train the deep muscles that are otherwise difficult to engage. This is
the most important part of the active movement apparatus, it ensures good balance and a
mobile spine. Regularly trained deep muscles result in good posture and prevent back pain
and injuries to tendons and ligaments.

Multifunctional training with the TOGU Jumper®.
Whether standing, jumping, sitting or lying down, the air-filled
half ball stimulates all important muscle groups depending on
the position. When exercising in a sitting position, the
abdominal muscles and the torso are stimulated, whereas the
back muscles are stimulated in a lying position. In this way, the
training with the device can be individually adapted to one’s own needs.
Both the round surface of the trampoline ball and the curved bottom are non-slip
and made of resistant material, so the Jumper® offers a safe training base.
The ingenious trampoline effect created by the ball and the fibreglass-reinforced
floor ensures fun movement and many motivating training sessions. Due to the springy and
swinging base and the accompanying “wobble effect”, the body is additionally thrown off
balance with the TOGU Jumper®. In order to maintain the balance, the deep muscles, which
are otherwise difficult to train but are very important, are used. The Jumper® is available in
different versions, whether as an even more handy mini version, as a pro version with an
additional, flat base plate or in the Actisan version made of self-disinfecting material.

The practical workout partner Brasil® berry

Both in the original green and in the new “berry” colour, the handy
deep muscle trainers Brasil® are the perfect addition to any
workout. Thanks to their intelligent filling, they generate feedback
when shaken, which automatically causes a reflexive tensing of
the deep muscles. Just ten minutes of Brasil® workout a day is
enough to strengthen the deep muscles, tighten the body tissue
and make you feel fitter. Even though the main area of the Brasil®
is figure and health training, they can also be used as a joint-friendly
additional weight for many endurance sports due to their low weight
and ergonomic shape.

Infobox: Jumper® – The original

  • Air-filled trampoline ball made of ruton ( smell neutral, skin-friendly, 100% recyclable) with
    fibreglass-reinforced base plate.
  • Improves reaction/balance/strength and coordination skills & mobility
  • Usable on both sides
  • Size: approx. 52 x 24 cm/ Weight: approx. 4,400 g/ Load capacity: approx. 200 kg
  • Has the AGR seal of quality
  • Made in Germany and 30-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • RRP from € 189.00
  • Available under the following link

Infobox: Brasil® berry     

  • Deep muscle trainer made of ruton ( smell-neutral, latex-free, 100 % recyclable)
  • Ideal for figure and health training (also preventive back training)
  • Can also be used as a joint-gentle training weight, massage roller, hand trainer
  • Weight: 200g per piece
  • Made in Germany and 30-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • RRP: €25.90 (Scope of delivery: set of 2 with exercise instructions)
  • Available under the following link


The TOGU® Company
TOGU® GmbH is a premium manufacturer of innovative training equipment for coordination and
balance, as well as sports equipment for kindergarten and school sports, and toys and promotional
items. The third-generation family business TOGU® was founded in 1956 and has since grown into a
world-renowned brand in the field of health, fitness and sports..

Author: TOC, Kira Stürzer