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You dream of turning your hobby into a profession and earning money with sports?
Movement is your passion and contact with people is important to you?
Or you are just looking for an apprenticeship without math?!
Then you’ve come to the right place! With the training to become a state-certified
gymnastics teacher at the KNS, a gymnastics school in Munich, you will receive comprehensive
trained movement professional and can choose from a wide range of occupational fields in the
Education and healthcare to choose exactly what you enjoy.
Register now for our entrance test and start the training to become a state-qualified
certified gymnastics teacher at the KNS!


With the training to become a state-certified gymnastics teacher at the KNS you will
within three years as part of a school-based training program to become an expert in the
areas of fitness, sports, dance and health.
The Kleine Nestler School is not only a vocational school for gymnastics, but much more
a talent factory with a very familiar atmosphere. Our school management, lecturers and students
maintain close and intensive cooperation. Mutual support and constructive exchange
are written BIG here.
You are interested in contents and subjects or you want to know which qualifications you have to bring along
then you will find the suitable information hereÔÇŽ : https://www.kns-move.com/die_ausbildung/

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After completing their training to become state-certified
gymnastics teacher their own way. The KNS students are employed in a wide variety of jobs in the areas of
health, fitness, sports and dance. In permanent employment or self-employed, they are specialists in
one area or as an all-rounder in several fields.

What we are proud of:

­čĆâÔÇŹÔÖÇ´ŞĆHannah K├Âhl: Founder of hkbewegtleben.

­čžśÔÇŹÔÖÇ´ŞĆLara Maurermeier: Founder of FitLara – Your expert for fitness, sports and dance.

­čĽ║­čĆ╗Felix Schnabel: self-employed as an actor and performer throughout Germany and Europe.
Dancer with the Bavarian State Opera.

­čĺâFederica Boriani: Salsation Master Trainer.

­čĄŞÔÇŹÔÖÇ´ŞĆPatricia Steiner: Founder of WAVELETICS┬«´ŞĆ the creative mobility & natural bodyweight training.

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You too can make your own dream a reality!
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Dates for our next entrance tests:
20.1.22 for last minute decisions
24.2.2022 and 24.03.2022 or on request
Click here to registerÔÇŽ https://www.kns-move.com/die_ausbildung/rahmenbedingungen/anmeldung/

Author: KNS-Move