Due to their handy size the Brasil® can be deposited on the desk. Only when a device is within reach is it used regularly. Ask yourself or your course participants: How many devices do you have that are stored in a corner or cupboard and never used?

So, let´s start your training with TOGU Brasil

Mini Moves: Feeling and activating the deep muscles that stabilize your body in rotation, lateral tilt and bending/stretching. We achieve this by fast, short hacking movements.

Execute the mini moves for approx. 10 – 40 seconds with a force expenditure of less than 30% of your individual maximum force and a movement amplitude of approx. 15 cm.

Here you can find some exercise examples:

1. seat – loll and stretch
Note: Open your hands

Mobilization of the entire spine and shoulder


2. seat – swing the arms next to the body against each other
Note: Leave the shoulder belt loose.

Mobilisation of the shoulder


3. seat – the Brasil single or simultaneously trough and catch.
Note: Brasil come up quietly on the ground and can´t break.

coordination training


4. seat – Take Brasil in your hand and grasp firmly, then open and close your fingers step by step.
Note: Try to coordinate both hands at the same time.

Mobilisation of the finger joints


5. seat – perform mini moves with bent arms in opposite direction high/low
Note: The wrists are fixed!

Activation of the deep back and abdominal muscles


6. seat – palms pointing upwards. Move Brasil dynamically from one side to the other.
Note: The shoulder follows the movement. Pay attention to the abdominal tension.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles

Training book Brasil, Gabi Fastner
Meyer & Meyer Sports