Getting fitter, healthier and more physically defined – a resolution that millions of people annually write on their New Year’s agenda. But to ensure that the dark winter months do not rob you of your sporting motivation right at the start, good resolutions need good helpers. The TOGU® Redondo® Ball is an excellent training companion for untrained beginners as well as enduring sports enthusiasts. The air-filled sports device offers versatile exercise options. So nothing stands in the way of a good body feeling. At the same time, TOGU® products are ‘Made in Germany’ and have permium product quality, which you can feel immediately during training.

Worldwide known, high quality, traditional and always innovative – that´s TOGU®. For many years the market-leading company has been offering its customers an ever increasing selection of air-filled play and sports equipment with matching training concepts. Through the continuous development of the products in cooperation with experts such as fitness trainers, therapists and sports scientists, TOGU® guarantees the safety and optimal functionality of its training aids.

TOGU® Redondo® – the brilliant training device for less money

With the TOGU® Redondo® Ball the user gets a simple but ingenious training device for little money. The air-filled gymnastic ball with a soft and grippy surface is the ideal support for figure and health training. Already available in several sizes and optionally with or without nubs, the Redondo® Ball is suitable for exercises in sitting, kneeling and standing. The sporty all-rounder is also particularly popular for pelvic floor and abdominal muscle training. As a dynamic support surface, it requires minimal balancing movements in which deep-seated, often less strained muscle areas work. As a result, balance and reflexes are trained, the body gains stability and becomes more efficient in coordination. Tested and recommended by the Forum Gesunder Rücken – besser leben e.V. and the Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschulen (BdR) e.V. (Federal Association of German Back Schools), the Redondo® Ball also helps to strengthen the neck and back area through specific exercises. Due to its high load capacity and easy transportability the foldable training device is suitable for short fitness sessions in between as well as for longer sports sessions. In most pilates and gymnastics courses the Redondo® ball has already become standard equipment. But the low price and the easy handling make it also the ideal sports equipment for training at home.

TOGU® – Made in Germany

TOGU GmbH is a premium manufacturer of innovative training equipment for coordination and balance, as well as sports equipment for kindergarden and school sports, as well as toys and promotional items. TOGU® products are now distributed in over 50 countries. Most important is the third generation family-owned company’s commitment to its local production in Prien am Chiemsee. “We sustain jobs in the manufacturing sector in Germany. This ensures our purchasing power in the country in a sustainable way, ”explains TOGU® owner Vera Angelini.

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