TOGU® starts into summer with a new bike product

Real bike fans don’t let bad weather spoil their riding fun. Now there are ways to continue the workout at home, too.
Flow Perfect® by TOGU® – innovative Rocker Plate and Premium Balance Board in one – takes indoor cycling to a new level and provides more power at the pedal for cyclists and triathletes. 



Compatible with various roller trainers, the new TOGU® product Flow Perfect® is the perfect complement for a more effective indoor bike workout. Over 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of training equipment have gone into the high-quality training platform,
which is handy, lightweight and, above all, intelligently designed.
Flow Perfect® is delivered ready-to-use and is easy to handle:
Place the bike in the Smart Trainer on the 80 by 80 cm platform, place the optionally available front wheel support under the bike and you’re ready to start training.







Flowing movements thanks to Air Buffer technology

The air-filled air buffers underneath the plate make Flow Perfect® unique.
They provide a new riding experience, as they allow the bike to move in any direction.
In addition, the mechanical forces acting on the body and the bike are reduced by the air filling.
Due to this relief, longer training sessions are possible, and at the same time the bike is protected.
At the same time, the bouncy movements help to train the perfect round step.
The riding dynamic of the Flow Perfect® can be adjusted individually:
With the included pump, the amount of air in the air buffers can be easily increased (the movements become more “direct”) or reduced (the movements become “softer”).



The advantages of training with Flow Perfect®

The special feature about using the platform is that athletes train their cycling-specific core muscles during Smart Training through immediate compensatory movements.
The activation is directly noticeable and the new riding experience is additionally motivating. More core stability – more power on the pedal.
Other positive effects include improved responsiveness, mobility and joint stability, which also reduces the risk of injury.
At the same time, the neuromuscular activation effectively trains the brain, which results in increased coordination as well as body awareness and control.


Rocker Plate and Premium Balance Board at the same time

Stabilization and sensomotoric training are by now an integral part of the training program of competitive athletes.
It is also becoming more and more popular in amateur sports, as more people become aware of the importance of well-trained deep muscles and well-developed sensomotor skills.
Flow Perfect® not only enhances performance on the bike, as a premium balance board the platform is also ideal for improving coordination
and stability through targeted exercises on a dynamic base.
Thus, Flow Perfect® with the supplied training chart as a guide, enables a holistic training for professionals as well as for amateur athletes.


INFOS: Flow Perfect®

  • Rocker Plate and Premium Balance Board in One
  • Flow Perfect product video
  • Trains the cycling-specific core muscles already during the Smart Training
  • Innovative Air Buffer technology for a new driving experience
  • Enables longer training times and protects the bike
  • Additionally usable as balance board for balancing exercises for more core stability and more power at the pedal
  • 100% Made in Germany von TOGU®
  • Scope of delivery: 80 x 80 cm plate on five Air-Buffers (robust air-filled balls, with needle valve for individual air filling),
    pump as well as training chart with exercise suggestions
  • RRP: 479,- €
  • Front wheel support optional (RRP: 49,- €)


The company TOGU®

Move healthy – experience more. This is the mission of TOGU®: the company’s products are unique solutions that get their users moving and help them lead active and healthy lives.
They can be used to achieve and restore well-being and promote performance for lasting enjoyment of moving.
TOGU® GmbH is a premium manufacturer of innovative training equipment for coordination and balance, as well as sports equipment for kindergarten and school sports,
and of toys and promotional items.
The family-owned company, now in its third generation, was founded in 1956 and has since grown into a world-renowned brand in the field of health, fitness and sports.

Author: Kira Stürzer
TOC Agentur für Kommunikation