The Jumper Pro – a multifunctional training device!

Tested and recommended by the German Association of Back Schools (BdR) and healthy back – live better. More info on
Load capacity: approx. 200 kg

You can do many exercises with the TOGU® Jumper® Pro.
It is very resilient and convinces with its trampoline effect.

Strength training, balance and endurance can be equally realised. The TOGU® Jumper® Pro can be used on both sides, once for stepping on and also as a bouncing base for sensomotoric exercises. I would like to introduce you to some of the exercises. The training effect is simply great!


1. Get on and off the TOGU® Jumper® Pro open the arms to the side.
(balance and leg axis stability)











2.standing scale on the TOGU® Jumper® Pro
(Caution with balance problems)











3.Squats on the TOGU® Jumper® Pro, taking the buttocks backwards.
(strength and balance)











4.Squats in step position with or without rotation to the side
(strength and balance)











5. Lift the knees quickly and possibly not put them down!
Or use the TOGU® Balance Pad Premium to put the knees down again and again.
(Abdominal muscles)








6. Place knees on the TOGU® Balance Pad Premium and do push-ups. Or alternatively in press-up position.
(shoulder, chest muscles and arms + pelvic stability).







7. Lifting one leg alternately, the exercise will go down uncontrollably.
(Balance and equilibrium)







8.In prone position on the TOGU® Jumper® Pro, place the hands on top of each other, the forehead on the back of the upper hand.
Place the legs in a “V” position. Raise the upper body without an increased hollow back.
(back strength)




 lateral position, the pelvis on the TOGU® Jumper® Pro, write a lying figure eight to the front and back.
(Pelvic stability and strength)








10.Stretch the groin and go slightly backwards.
(Psoas stretch)











11.Bend the groin and walk backwards with the buttocks.











12.Finally, get on the TOGU® Jumper® Pro and bounce with the feet. Let the face and body go relaxed.











Viel Spaß beim Training wünscht

Claudia Hölzl