There are so many ways to train strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination directly in everyday life without spending extra time.
The squat in particular can be integrated directly into everyday activities. In everyday activities such as brushing your teeth, going to the toilet, putting the dishwasher in and out, fetching files from a deep cupboard, at the shelf in the supermarket, lifting heavy objects.
While doing this, tense your knees in the direction of the middle toes and say to yourself inwardly: “Firm,stable, supple!”


Let your life be gymnastics and activate your “non-chocolate side” again and again in everyday life!

Set “anchors” in everyday life:

The new fitness formula by Petra Schreiber-Benoit: 7 x 2 x 3 = 42!

Do the squat for three minutes while brushing your teeth.

This way you can keep fit for 2 x 3 minutes = 42 minutes (!) per week on seven days without spending any extra time!


Squat without Sport Tool

Muscles involved: front/back thighs, buttocks, lower back, hip flexors.

Starting position: Basic position with narrow hips.

Exercise description:

  • Take one step to the side alternately on the right.
  • Perform a knee bend, lowering backwards and stretching the arms upwards past the ear.
  • Return to the centre and stand up.
  • Then step to the left and in the squat sit down backwards and stretch the arms past the ear.
    and stretch the arms up past the ear.

Important: Stabilise the back erect with the powerhouse activated. Keep the head in extension of the spine.











Squat, one leg extended

Muscles involved: front/back thighs, buttocks, lower back and hip flexors.
Stabilisation and coordination.

Starting position: Stable standing.

Exercise description:

  • Alternately, from a narrow-hip stance, open one step to the right.
  • Extend the opposite leg.
  • Lower yourself down to the back in the middle.
  • Return to starting position through centre.
  • Open one step to the left.
  • Extend the opposite leg.
  • Sit back down in the centre.
  • The arms are in slight external rotation at the sides and the fingers are spread.
  • Return the arms to the starting position when standing up.

Variation: Stretch both arms forward past the ear.











Squat with the TOGU Theragym band

Muscles involved: The four-headed thigh muscles, the muscles of the back of the thigh,
the buttocks, lower back, shoulder girdle, arms, back.

Starting position: Basic standing position.

Exercise description:

  • Alternately open one step to the side with the right/left foot.
  • Sit backwards and bend the knees.
  • Simultaneously pull the band down behind the back of the head with both hands.
  • When standing up, return to the starting position.
  • While doing so, stretch the arms upwards with the TOGU Theragym band.











Squat with three Flexvit Mini bands from TOGU

Muscles involved: The four-headed thigh muscles, the muscles of the back of the thighs,
the buttocks and the lower back.

Starting position: Stand with narrow hips. Place one mini band above each of the ankle, knee and wrist joints.

Exercise description:

  • Alternately open one step to the right more than hip-width apart against the resistance of the mini bands.
  • Bend the knees.
  • Bring the arms into a forward hold.
  • When standing up come back to starting position.

Attention when changing sides: Open over centre to the left and go deep into the centre of the squat.
and come back to the standing position with the hips narrow.











The squat in everyday actions

When brushing teeth:












When bending and lifting objects












Train the stabilised squat with its variations.
Automatically support and protect your back in everyday life.

With sporty greetings

Petra Schreiber-Benoit