Already for the seventh time the OSINSTITUT from Munich organizes its annual congress, for the first time as an interactive online live event. Topic on 11.07.2020: “Prehab and Rehab – the cartilage in focus”.

This is what it is all about
What can conservative and operative therapy achieve? How does training work for cartilage patients? What role does nutrition play? And what exactly is cartilage? In a total of nine lectures, the topic “cartilage” will be discussed in an interdisciplinary and illuminating manner for one day. Doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists will give a comprehensive overview of training, therapy, background knowledge and current evidence.

The facts
Date: 11.07.2020
Time: Admission 9:00 a.m.; start of event 10:00 a.m. until probably 18:30 p.m.
Where: Online live stream
Costs: 125 Euro

Interactive – and with a little surprise
The 7th Annual Congress will be offered for the first time as an interactive online live event. Those who register in time will receive a small surprise package free of charge in advance. In addition, the OSINSTITUT will provide further information and presentations for download. And as a special treat, the participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the lectures again in the re-live after the event. Furthermore, they can get in contact with all speakers and ask their questions.

More information about the event, the lecturers and the lecture topics can be found here