Just in time for the start of summer, TOGU®, the company producing at the Lake Chiemsee, delivers the popular deep muscle trainers Brasil® in the new, exciting “berry” colour as a special edition.
Also in the new outfit, the intelligent training devices made of 100% recyclable material are the ideal fitness and running companions: they can be used for a variety of fitness exercises and sports, tighten the body tissue and strengthen the deep muscles of the chest, abdomen and back.



Brasil® principle – strengthen deep muscles, tighten tissue, feel fitter

The deep core muscles stabilise the spine and are therefore essential for a healthy body. If they deteriorate, back pain, tension and poor posture are the main consequences. It should therefore be exercised regularly, but can only be tensed reflexively and not voluntarily.

Both in the original green and in the new “berry” colour, the Brasil® stand out during training because it is precisely these deep muscles that can be addressed. Thanks to their intelligent filling, they generate movement feedback when shaken, which automatically causes a reflexive tensing of the deep chest, abdominal and back muscles. Just ten minutes of Brasil® workout a day is enough to strengthen the deep muscles, tighten the body tissue and feel fitter. The state certified gymnastics teacher Gabi Fastner provides suitable exercises on her popular Youtube channel.






A wide range of uses

Even though the main field of application of the Brasil® is figure and health training, they can also be used as a joint-friendly additional weight for many endurance sports due to their low weight of 200g each and their ergonomic shape. The pleasant Senso® nubs additionally stimulate the receptors of the hands and help against cold hands during outdoor training. Due to their handy size, the Brasil® are easy to stow away and easy to transport when travelling. This makes them the ideal training companion for any destination, no matter how far away, even on summer holidays – now also available in a fresh summer berry colour.








Information in summary: Brasil® berry

  • Brasil® berry deep muscle trainer made of Ruton® (odourless, latex-free, 100% recyclable)
  • Ideal for figure and health training (also preventive back training)
  • Can also be used as a joint-gentle training weight, massage roller, hand trainer
  • Weight: 200g per piece
  • Made in Germany and 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Price: 24,90 € Including set of 2 with exercise instructions

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Author: Kira Stürzer, TOC Press agency