Summer again at last. How we love this time! Jumping into the water on hot days, closing your eyes on the beach and letting your soul dangle. There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s get your body in top shape. Quickly to the beach body. Can you do that?

Basically we should be aware that sport is an exciting project “I”. A combination of exercise and nutrition not only gives us a beautiful body, but also an improved attitude to life and a better awareness of our body. It is important to find a training method that is fun to do, so that the beach body is preserved over the summer and the training has a lasting effect.


A great way to make your workout location-independent and exciting is the workout with the fitness band. It is compact, easy to use and at the same time super effective. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, it can be easily and flexibly integrated into everyday life. It is available in different strengths and shapes. Classical exercises can be intensified and small or large muscle areas can be trained specifically.

Observe the following rules

– Keep wrists stable

– Always move the belt in a controlled manner, do not let it spring back after pulling it apart

– Do not attach the strap to sharp or angular objects

– Pay attention to breathing and body tension

And here again the advantages at a glance

– Versatile in use

– Super effective

– Gentle on joints, since weights are completely dispensed with

– Easy to store and quickly ready for use


Before you can start your workout, you need the right equipment. On the market there is a variety of offers, so the choice is sometimes difficult. The fitness band is elastic and available in different thicknesses. I rely on the products from Togu. A German family business that stands for quality and reliability. The best thing to do is just take a look at and enter “FLEXIVIT Mini Band” in the search.


Enough facts? Now you want to know how to get your beach body in top shape? A combination of cardio and weight training burns fat and tones the body. Here’s a great workout to follow. Here we go!

We work in a circle. First you do the two cardio exercises, then four strength exercises. You do 15 repetitions of each exercise. Once you have done all the exercises, take a break – about 1 minute. Afterwards you do 2-3 rounds, depending on your fitness level. Have fun!

Cardio Exercises


Muscles trained: Large main muscle groups such as chest, back and thigh muscles, but also smaller auxiliary muscles in the trunk, shoulders and arms are challenged in the most intensive way.

How to do it: Wrap the Mini Band just above your ankles. You start with an extended jump and then go into the push-up position. In this position, spread your legs apart in one jump and then bring them together again. Then come up again and repeat the exercise starting with an outstretch jump.

  • Tip: Try to perform this sequence as smoothly as possible. Start slowly and only start to climb when you have finished the sequence.








squat jumps

Muscles trained: Exercises especially the gluteal muscles and the legs.

How to do it: The Mini Band is again above your ankles. You start in an upright position and go to the knee bend. Then you push off over your heels and jump as high as possible. As soon as you have “landed”, you go straight back into the squat.

  • Tip: Make sure that your knees stay behind your toes and that they do not tilt inwards. Keep full body tension.








Strength Exercises

leg raising in a four-footed position

Muscles trained: You specifically strengthen the entire trunk, especially the back, as well as the buttocks and legs. This exercise also improves balance and body stability.

How to do it: Wrap the Mini Band around your feet. Starting position is the four-footed position, looking down. Your head forms the extension of the spine. Extend one arm and the opposite leg. Bring elbows and knees together and do not put arm and leg down. Continue to breathe calmly and steadily. Do not forget the other side!

  • Tip: Make sure that your stomach is tense and that you do not fall into a hollow back. Perform the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner, without swinging.








Bicycle Crunch

Muscles trained: The exercise will strengthen your abdominal muscles. The fitness band also puts additional strain on your legs!

This is how it’s done: Starting position: Lie on your back and tense your abdomen firmly. Lift your legs off the floor. Put your fingertips to the back of your head and then alternately bring your right elbow and left knee and your left elbow and right knee together.

  • Tip: Don’t forget to breathe and don’t do a hollow back.







Adduction while standing

Muscles trained: Inner side of the thighs

How to do it: Place the Mini Band just above the hocks. Now shift the weight to the left leg and lift the right leg a few centimeters forward. Move the right leg to the left so that it crosses the supporting leg.

  • Tip: Make sure that your pelvis is stable during the execution and is in its neutral position. If you cannot keep your balance, hold on to a wall or a chair.








Triceps Pushing

Muscles trained: Triceps

That’s how it’s done: Take the fitness tape with both hands and guide it behind your body as if you were joining your hands behind your body. Now pull the hand of the upper arm over your head, moving only the forearm. Note: The lower arm remains in position.

  • Tip: Make sure that you do not fully extend your arm at the end of the movement. Shoulders back, chest out – keep body tension. As always, perform the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner.







Author: Joyce Bittner