Diabetes mellitus (colloquially referred to as diabetes) is the name for a group of metabolic diseases. There are many different types of diabetes. Put simply, the problem is hyperglycaemia of the blood.

About 5 million Germans between the ages of 18 and 79 are affected by type II diabetes.

Since the health complaints of this type only set in gradually, early treatment is beneficial: regular exercise plays an important role here, along with other factors such as an adapted diet.

Regular physical activity can help improve blood sugar levels, but also blood pressure and blood lipid levels.
Exercise also helps to control body weight and develop a better body image. Sport reduces stress and has a positive influence on blood sugar levels. Sport without pressure to perform and enjoyment of exercise can help reduce stress.
Last but not least, sport can replace medication. Exercise and sport can help so well in early stages that medication can be discontinued in consultation with the treating doctor.

In addition to integrating exercise into everyday life, such as gardening or climbing stairs, small training units in the home environment are especially recommended.

Sensible exercises at home with the Aero-Step Pro, Brasil and the Theragym Band help to increase activity in everyday life.


Enjoy the training!