Mobility fascia training – painless in shape with the Jacaranda Ball

Mobility fascia training – painless in shape’ (ID: 20191005-S11536) complies with the current guideline Prevention “Fields of action and criteria of the GKV-Spitzenverbandes for the implementation of §§ 20, 20 a and 20 b SGB V” and was co-organized by the cooperation association statutory health insurance companies certified by the Central Testing Center for Prevention.


Fascia are alive! A special fascia training is a very useful application!
Because: fascia has an influence on the muscles, the movement, the posture and the sensation of pain.

A wonderful holistic figure and health training that additionally invigorates your senses and trains our mindfulness!
You will feel how your body feeling improves after a short time.

Recharge your batteries, gain strength and feel good after training!
Health and well-being is not a solid state, but a system of change that constantly seeks to be rebalanced. The comparison man-tree accompanies us through all courses.
Trees adjust to the conditions depending on the season and the nature of the terrain, defying wind and weather. By training with and without a ball, the body and mind also adapts to the requirements and is then supple, serene and stable in life.

Prevention principle:

Prevention and reduction of special health risks through appropriate behavioral and health oriented exercise programs


The course consists of 8 units, each lasting 45 minutes.

Example – exercises from the program:

Exercise 1:

Training of balance ability, strengthening of torso stabilizers.


Closed toe stall. Hold the Jacaranda Ball with both hands at sternum level. Rotate the ball in one direction for 10 seconds, then in the other direction.

Exercise 2:

Mobilization of the entire body.

Sliding tackle. Hold the Jacaranda Ball in front of the breastbone in both hands. Now draw a big eight in front of the body with the ball. While doing so, roll off your feet alternately on the right and left. Include the whole body in the movement. Activate the body center!

Exercise 3 and 4:

Mobilization of the spine, strengthening of the torso stabilizers.

Fours. Hold the Jacaranda Ball in one hand and move towards the ceiling. Rotate the ball for 20 seconds. Now with the ball 8-10 times under the shoulder dive and upright again. Repeat this sequence of movements again, then rotate in the other direction. Change sides!

As a complication, extend the opposite leg to the back. This trains in addition the balance ability.

Exercise 5 and 6:

Mobilization of the spine, strengthening of the torso stabilizers.

Kneeling position. Stretch one leg to the side. Hold the Jacaranda Ball in the other hand. Now rotate the ball far outward for 20 seconds. Then 8-10 times a large lying eight above the head and draw in front of the body. Repeat this sequence of movements again, but now rotate the Jacaranda Ball in the other direction. Stabilize the body center!

Bridge. Hold the jacaranda ball vertically above the breastbone and rotate in one direction for the next 10 seconds. Lift the upper body up to the points of the scapula maximally! Keep the pelvis stable!

Take off one leg as an increase.

As an increase stretch the lifted leg. Keep the pelvis stable!

Exercise 7:



Supine position. Close your eyes and let the breath flow. Lower with each exhalation deeper in the direction of the ground.

Gabi Fastner