Good coordination and balance is the result of active, controlled motion control. Therefore, it is important to actively learn how to trigger, stop, and reverse motions in various axes. The smaller and finer the compensatory movements become, the better the coordination, balance and laterality. This makes a significant contribution to the health and performance of users.

The BalanceSensor product family consists of three devices: BalanceSensor Powerball®, BalanceSensor Dynair® and the TOGU® Challenge Disc 2.0. BalanceSensor enables digitally-based coordination and balance training for all performance levels and ages. The integrated motion sensor transmits the measurement data via Bluetooth and a free app (available in 11 languages) to the users’ devices and displays the results on the screen. The users train with the app independently. They are motivated without a trainer having to control and give instructions. BalanceSensor takes on the task of coaching in this area and enables targeted coordination and stabilization training for the entire body.

BalanceSensor product family

The coordination and balance exercises are performed on BalanceSensor Powerball on a guaranteed burst proof ABS® gymnastic ball and on BalanceSensor Dynair on an air-filled Dynair Ballkissen®. Optimal functionality and a valid result are only guaranteed when using the original TOGU products due to the special material properties. During the active-dynamic movements on these two devices, the autochthonous underlying muscles on the spine are activated. BalanceSensor is easy to use and can be used everywhere, in the office, in the studio, at home or while traveling. BalanceSensor Powerball is available in different ball sizes from approx. 55 to max. 75 cm diameter and available in six colors.

The multi-axis, patented TOGU Challenge Disc 2.0 is used to measure and improve balance and coordination skills while standing. Each movement on the Challenge Disc is measured by the integrated BalanceSensor. In the first step, the user can perform a test here to determine the balance ability. The result is displayed as a value representing how well a user can hold the disc in a horizontal position while standing. The training with different levels of difficulty can then be carried out in a methodical and also in a playful way.

Especially beginners and health professionals will benefit from TOGU’s BalanceSensor to optimize the musculoskeletal system and improve balance. Advanced and competitive athletes use the digital coach to review training progress and individual performance improvement.

Prof. Dr. Christian Raschner, director of the Olympic Center Innsbruck, presented the possibilities with the test and training app in connection with the TOGU Challenge Disc 2.0: “To increase the effectiveness of the training on the Challenge Disc, it is worth the one-legged coordination training perform a training-related pre-fatigue. The training on the Challenge Disc is fun, and has got a positive effect on avoiding the formation of lateralities in everyday life or in sports activities. ”

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