Durable TOGU products – before you break them, they beat you up!








Anyone who has ever trained with TOGU equipment knows that these wobbly pieces can really take a beating – and not just for a season.

TOGU’s goal is to develop and manufacture products that promote health and well-being.
Moving healthily means experiencing more.

We are proud that our equipment is not only functional and versatile, but also particularly durable and long-lasting, thus making an important contribution to sustainability.

It is important to us to process only high-quality raw materials. From this, our employees, with their years of experience and great care, create training equipment with unbeatable durability.








With the decision for a German brand product from TOGU you get a training companion that lasts for many years.

TOGU therefore assumes for selected products – in addition to the statutory warranty rights – a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years from the date of purchase.

Here you can find the warranty page.

Since the foundation of our manufactory in 1956, the careful handling of people, machines and material has been a matter close to our heart and has played a decisive role in our success. Guaranteed.