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Playful animal physiotherapy equipment

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Noppenball lang (Animal) Noppenball lang (Animal)
With the pimpled ball long and the pleasant Senso pimples the blood circulation of animals and humans is promoted. In just a few minutes, the relationship with the dog can be deepened in a playful way every day. The new ergonomic shape...
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Ball pump for needle-valve (Animal) Ball pump for needle-valve (Animal)
For all products with needle-valve. (Needle is placed inside the handle)
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Dynair® Extreme (Animal) Dynair® Extreme (Animal)
The Dynair Extreme - made in Germany - is the new and largest member of the Dynair family. With a diameter of approx. 80 cm it is ideally suited as a balance device in dog therapy. Gentle vibrations are immediately absorbed by the...
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Aero-Step® One (Animal) Aero-Step® One (Animal)
The new Aero-Step One - made in Germany - is an air-filled and individually adjustable balance training device. It is available in two difficulty levels: Level 1 (red) and Level 2 (anthracite). Train coordination with your pet easily and...
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Powerball® Premium ABS® Powerball® Premium ABS®
Original ABS® safety made in Germany - The airbag for your big ball The ball is characterized by a very stable material. It is therefore very resistant and durable. Also suitable for the animal sector: Horse football: Due to its size and...
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Senso balance hedgehog XL in a set of 2 (Animal) Senso balance hedgehog XL in a set of 2 (Animal)
An air-filled hemisphere - made in Germany - made of ruton with pleasant nubs and a needle valve for air regulation. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (up to 200kg), it is latex-free and consists of 100% recyclable...
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Bantoo® set of 2 (Animal) Bantoo® set of 2 (Animal)
Bantoo® - made in Germany - consists of an air-filled roll of Ruton with pimples. The material Ruton is hardened and very resilient (up to 150kg). The product is latex-free. Bantoo can activate the dog's body via the reflex zones and...
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Bodyroll 2er Set (Animal) Bodyroll 2er Set (Animal)
The cylindrical shape of the Bodyroll - made in Germany - allows easy handling and is especially suitable for long straight movements. The Bodyroll is equipped with a needle valve so that the air filling and thus the hardness of the...
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Jumper (Animal) Jumper (Animal)
The Jumper - made in Germany - is a multifunctional training device. The surface is non-slip, as is the base plate. The inwardly curved base plate provides an ingenious trampoline effect and allows stacking without stacking aid....
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Powerball® Pump (Animal) Powerball® Pump (Animal)
The handy pump for all MyBall, Powerball products and other products with plug-valves.
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Senso Balance Bar (Animal) Senso Balance Bar (Animal)
The air-filled Senso Balance Bar - Made in Germany - is ideal for balance and coordination training. The pleasant Senso pimples stimulate the blood circulation and gently massage the paws. The air filling can be individually adjusted by...
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Geo-Balance hedgehog XL in a set of 2 (Animal) Geo-Balance hedgehog XL in a set of 2 (Animal)
An air-filled half ball - made in Germany - made of ruton with different geometric shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle) on the surface. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (up to 150kg), it is latex-free and consists of...
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