Playful animal physiotherapy equipment

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Ball pump for needle-valve (Animal) Ball pump for needle-valve (Animal)
For all products with needle-valve. (Needle is placed inside the handle)
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Wurfring (Animal) Wurfring (Animal)
The throwing ring - made in Germany. This ring is made of stable ruton and is very resistant and filled with air. Best suitable for retrieval training, even from puppy age. Technical data: Measures: 18 cm Weight: approx. 180 g
€7.20 *
Noppenball lang (Animal) Noppenball lang (Animal)
With the pimpled ball long and the pleasant Senso pimples the blood circulation of animals and humans is promoted. In just a few minutes, the relationship with the dog can be deepened in a playful way every day. The new ergonomic shape...
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Dynair® Extreme (Animal) Dynair® Extreme (Animal)
The Dynair Extreme - made in Germany - is the new and largest member of the Dynair family. With a diameter of approx. 80 cm it is ideally suited as a balance device in dog therapy. Gentle vibrations are immediately absorbed by the...
€154.90 *
Powerball® Pump (Animal) Powerball® Pump (Animal)
The handy pump for all MyBall, Powerball products and other products with plug-valves.
€5.80 *
Matte Senso® (Animal) Matte Senso® (Animal)
Mit dieser kleinen, aber trotzdem mit fast 7.000 Noppen gespickten Matte kann man beim Hund die Wahrnehmung über die Ballen der Pfoten aktivieren. Die Sensomotorik des Hundes wird gefördert und man kann nach neurologischen Störungen oder...
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Jumper (Animal) Jumper (Animal)
The Jumper - made in Germany - is a multifunctional training device. The surface is non-slip, as is the base plate. The inwardly curved base plate provides an ingenious trampoline effect and allows stacking without stacking aid....
€199.00 *
Senso Balance Bar (Animal) Senso Balance Bar (Animal)
The air-filled Senso Balance Bar - Made in Germany - is ideal for balance and coordination training. The pleasant Senso pimples stimulate the blood circulation and gently massage the paws. The air filling can be individually adjusted by...
€44.90 *
Dynair® Ballkissen Cardo (Animal) Dynair® Ballkissen Cardo (Animal)
The Dynair ball cushion Cardo - Made in Germany - is an air-filled cushion for a varied balance and coordination training. Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE One side with round, soft Senso nubs, one side with velvety-smooth...
€50.90 *
Powerball® Premium ABS® Powerball® Premium ABS®
Original ABS® safety made in Germany - The airbag for your big ball The ball is characterized by a very stable material. It is therefore very resistant and durable. Also suitable for the animal sector: Horse football: Due to its size and...
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Senso® Massage Pad (Animal) Senso® Massage Pad (Animal)
Senso® Massage Pad - Made in Germany The air-filled massage device is ideal for use with animals and humans. Due to the handy size and shape an individual pressure strength is possible. Circular movements on the skin and fur promote...
€12.50 *
Senso balance hedgehog in a set of 2 (Animal) Senso balance hedgehog in a set of 2 (Animal)
An air-filled hemisphere - made in Germany - made of ruton with pleasant nubs and a needle valve for air regulation. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (up to 200kg), it is latex-free and consists of 100% recyclable...
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