Strong muscles – mobile joints in old age

4. July 2016

Text: Dr. Gudrun Paul Strong muscles and mobile joints in old age A full-body workout with the Redondo Ball Plus Especially in old age, versatile and motivating training or exercises with many variants are important to stay on the “ball” […]

The Seal of Approval Aktion Gesunder Rücken

This report was written by the editors of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. Over the past 17 years, considerably more than 100 products have been awarded the Seal of Approval “Tested & Recommended” by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (AGR). Founded […]

Fasciae and their function

14. June 2016

Text: Gerhard Flammersberger The term ‘fascia’ is Latin and means ‘band or sheaf’. These milky, white skins surround the muscles, bones, organs and nerves. The fascial tissue consists of, among others, collagen fibres, water and different adhesives. This combination ensures […]

LaGym meets Brasil

12. May 2016
kleine Wunder - TOGU Brasil

Text: DTB – Deutscher Turnerbund (German Gymnastics Federation) LaGym meets Brasil In this DTB training, you will learn new choreographies with and without Brasil, and you will have the option of deepening your understanding of selected dance styles. We integrate […]

Cardio – Strength – Fascial: a modern circuit training

10. May 2016

Text: Gabi Fastner, Sports- and Gymnastic Educator TOGU fascial circuit The circuit training was forgotten for years. We associate the name “circuit training” with often unloved gym class at school, with equipment such as medicine balls, long benches, ropes, soft […]

The “Get-together” of the specialist industry

19. April 2016

Successful TOGU training and networking event on 6 April with 200 participants One  day  before  the  start  of  the FIBO  trade  fair , on  6 April , TOGU  organised  an  industry  meeting  in  the  congress  centre of Cologne Trade Fair. The  International  TOGU […]

TOGU highlights at FIBO 2016 in Cologne

21. March 2016

TOGU highlights at FIBO 2016 in Cologne The products range from diverse to back-friendly. This year, FIBO, the International Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health, will take place in Cologne from 7 to 10 April. Industry visitors and sports […]

Focusing on the fasciae in training and therapy

Focusing on the fasciae in training and therapy International TOGU Day on 6 April to start off FIBO 2016 in Cologne This year, FIBO, the International Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health, will take place in Cologne from 7 […]

Functional movement training

16. March 2016

Text: Dr. Markus Braun FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING with the Bike Balance Board easy Perhaps the most important functional movement in our everyday life is keeping our balance. Keeping our balance works naturally and is a routine movement while we’re within […]

Stable with the Redondo Ball Plus

10. March 2016

Text: Gabi Fastner, Lecturer for Sports and Gymnastics Back fitness – Stable with the Redondo Ball Plus The popular and most versatile training tool Redondo Ball – made in Germany – in a new size ?Plus? (ca. 38 cm Diameter, […]

TOGU is …

german manufacturer of playballs and air-filled training devices. The family owned company TOGU GmbH was founded in 1956 in Prien at Chiemsee in Germany by Toni and Gust Obermaier and is now a globally recognized brand in health, fitness and sports business.
TOGU stands for quality and reliability, innovation and tradition in equal measure. We achieve Your highest quality standards, as well ours by continually investing into our production site in Germany and the condence in our employees.
The label "Made in Germany", the persistence to see a good idea being realized and the will to produce high quality products, is what drives us.
The human being in his different stages of life is the focus of our developments and products. We want you to go through life healthy, fit and active.
We support you through the continuous development of our products and training concepts and work closely with renowned fitness trainers and therapists, doctors and sports scientists.

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