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Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro

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Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro
Jumper Pro

Jumper Pro - rot

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The Jumper Pro - the original (with base plate) for even more versatile use. The patented... more
Product information "Jumper Pro"

The Jumper Pro - the original (with base plate) for even more versatile use.

The patented Jumper (European Patent No. 2092964) - made in Germany - is a multifunctional training device. An air-filled trampoline ball made of durable ruton on a fiberglass-reinforced base plate. The material is odorless and very resilient up to 200 kg. The product is latex-free and is made of 100% recyclable plastic. The air filling can be regulated by a valve. The surface is non-slip, as is the base plate.

Now with the addition of the Jumper Pro Plate, which creates a flat surface on the back of the Jumper - made in Germany. The new plate is easy and quick to attach and also remove with an included screw. This means that the different support surfaces can also be used during training. With the new flat surface, a physiologically correct foot placement is possible during balance, coordination and strengthening exercises while standing. This results in even more exercise variations.

The Jumper Pro is also available in the Actisan version:
Actisan offers a reliable hygienic solution in group training:
The innovative actisanized material is highly effective against bacteria and other microorganisms on an ionic basis. Harmless to humans, it disinfects itself and is more efficient than common wipe disinfections. The material retains its full effectiveness for a period of over five years.

What does the application do?
Due to its versatility, virtually all muscle groups can be exercised, especially the deeper muscles that are important for general fitness. At the same time, balance, coordination and sensorimotor functions are involuntarily improved. Dysbalance is compensated. The abdominal muscles can be trained while sitting and the back muscles while lying down. Depending on the purpose of the exercise, the jumper can be used standing, jumping, sitting or lying down. The trampoline effect also provides a lot of fun during exercise. The Jumper pro can be used on both sides.

Included in the delivery is, in addition to the Jumper, the Jumper Pro plate incl. mounting screw and Allen key.

*In case of complaints, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice before starting training.

Certified and recommended by the forum: Gesunder Rücken - besserleben e.V. und dem Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschulen (BdR) e.V. Further information here.

Technical details:
Size: approx. 52 x 24 cm
Weight: approx. 6.030 g
Max. load: approx. 200 kg
Material: Ruton; Actisan design: Ruton with actisan

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