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DVD Perfect Shape Dynair® XXL (without training equipment) DVD Perfect Shape Dynair® XXL (without training...
Muscle training was yesterday. Now its time for functional training! Train whole muscle groups through holistic body movements. C reate your beautiful, harmonious and healthy body.
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Dynair® Golf Pro in a set of 2 Dynair® Golf Pro in a set of 2
The enhancement of Dynair technology for all Golfers. Adjusted especially to the needs of modern golf technique.With the Dynair Golf Pro - made in Germany - you will find your balance much faster and improve your stability and precision....
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Dynair® Pro Dynair® Pro
The first ball cushion - made in Germany - combined with a stable base - two pieces of equipment rolled into one, providing even more training options for sensorimotor functions and coordination. Technical details: Size: approx. 36 x 10...
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Dynair® Extreme Dynair® Extreme
Sit on it and feel good. Brings you automatically in an upright and healthy position. The Dynair Extreme - made in Germany - is the largest member from the Dynair family. With a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 18 cm it is perfectly...
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Dynair Twist in a Set of 2 Dynair Twist in a Set of 2
The new Dynair Twist - made in Germany - is available as a set of 2 and makes stabilization core training become more challenging and versatile. The convex lower surface effects a balance work of the muscles around the joints. You can...
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Dynair Senso Mini in a set of 4 Dynair Senso Mini in a set of 4
Sometimes the Dynair Senso Mini - made in Germany - is flat, sometimes very thick, sometimes very stable and sometimes quite wobbly! Individually inflatable - for more variation in the game. As a "wobbly underlay" for little dwarf feet...
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Dynair-A Dynair-A
The Dynair-A - made in Germany - is an inflated threefold pillow. It was developed together with Karin Albrecht especially for the Antara® training concept. The achievable body position, possible application as well as training effects...
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Dynair Balance-Seat Dynair Balance-Seat
For active sitting, playing, balancing and training. Wonderful to use as oversized building blocks. For sitting groups, in waiting rooms and at home. Technical data: Size: approx. 36 cm diameter, max. 29cm height Material: high quality...
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Dynair® Ballkissen Cardo (Animal) Dynair® Ballkissen Cardo (Animal)
The Dynair ball cushion Cardo - Made in Germany - is an air-filled cushion for a varied balance and coordination training. Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE One side with round, soft Senso nubs, one side with velvety-smooth...
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Dynair® Pro Dynair® Pro
Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE The MD Dynair® Pro - made in Germany - is a medical device and is used as a non-active therapeutic device for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as prophylaxis in the professional...
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