Drums Alive® is a program that promotes healthy balance: physically,
mentally, emotionally and socially. At the same time it allows to enjoy the element of fun and
to build in creative expression.

Drums Alive® uses rhythm as a source of inspiration. To create new fitness experiences
in the group, it combines the effects of conventional fitness Programs with the benefit
of music and rhythm.

The aim of Drums Alive® is to improve quality of life physically and psychologically
with the help of a unique senso-motoric drum program, which only
Use of sticks, a gymnastics ball (e.g. from TOGU) and music required.

The primary aim of the Drums Alive® program is the development of a
“holistic mind and body feeling” for all participants. Our claim for
All of our programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of different
To meet the needs of participant groups – https://www.drumsalive.eu/home/

Our main focus:
– PE instruction, general fitness, and implementation of musical and rhythmic
concepts (preschool – middle school)
– Understand the connection between learning through movement and rhythm
– Exploring relationships using kinesthetic and auditory experiences
– Improve critical thinking skills of the student
– Finding out the secret of drumming and brain research
– Integrate movement and rhythm across the whole curriculum

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It is our concern to make a difference in the lives of individuals and society.
Change – we want to give everyone the passion to create their own
want to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Drums Alive® undertake extensive research into the mind and body,
to be able to support everyone optimally in their personal phase of life – while
we make use of the sciences to better understand and understand these stages of life.
to be able to support.

We offer a culturally diverse program in which respect, mutual
Recognition and understanding are essential for EVERYONE.

We teach our course participants the power to celebrate their own lives and to
enjoy – with the help of programs that improve the physical, social, kinesthetic,
Promote emotional and cognitive health at all stages of life.

Through customized programs, we find through Drums Alive®, an approach to
Improve the quality of life of a diverse participant base. In
includes mentally and physically handicapped children, gifted and highly gifted
Children and adults with aggression potential, older citizens and
Patients with diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke and other
age-related restrictions.

Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® combines cognitive impressions with simple yet
dynamic movements and drumming on the fitness ball.

Rhythm research is one of the main components of the program. Although the
students/children learn with their bodies, they leave each sitting mentally fully awake, with
increased blood circulation and improved self-esteem.

According to brain researchers, there is indication that the drumming experience can increase the activity of the
nerve pathways and promotes synchronization of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

In combination with movement, drumming can improve concentration as well as
sensory and motor skills are improved (University of Chemnitz 2010).
To use Drums Alive® in schools, kindergartens or similar facilities for
children, there are various options depending on the target group.
Continuing Education Opportunities.

Our cooperation with Togu exists since 15.12.2021. We are looking forward to it.

Our fitness balls are made by TOGU and we only use them. Why?
See for yourself: Drums Alive Fitnessball

Author: Drums Alive Europe