These tapes are really a hit! They are soft and stretchy with an extremely good feel. Feeling soft and very comfortable on the skin.

Particularly easy to transport equipment for coaches, e.g. Bring your own material to the lessons. Can be used in functional training or for Pilates lessons for example. For those in the athletics or recreational sports, who want to keep your training tools at home and save space in a drawer. Traveling business people and holidaymakers, who would like to take a multifunctional device along the way with ease, will surely be thrilled, since both belts are easy to transport and stow away. The ability to wash the tapes at 60 degrees is also very convenient.

Simple and complex exercises can address a variety of muscle groups and provide structured training. Power, balance, coordination, endurance, stretching, sensorimotor, body awareness – everything is possible. Below I would like to introduce a few exercises. Of course, exercises are also feasible in many other starting positions.

Yours, Claudia Hölzl

Exercises for TOGU FLEXVIT Mini Band:

Exercise 1:

Tension the TOGU FLEXVIT Mini Band with the “small finger edge” and move it up and down in the opposite direction. At the same time, with small jumps in the middle, alternately abduct one leg to the outside.

Strengthening of the shoulder and arms – training of coordination

Exercise 2:

Put on the miniband above the hocks and alternately tap outwards, snapping with your hands. Then bring the leg backwards, the upper body with long spine to shift forward and fold hands and back to the side.

Strengthening the legs – training the coordination

Exercise 3:

Put on the fitness band above the hocks and alternately put the right and left leg outwards, squeezing the hands together. Center the body weight in the middle of the legs.

Strengthening the leg muscles

Exercise 4:

Put the FLEXVIT Mini under your knees. In the quadruped stand with long back and neck lift the knees. Go out with your legs right and left and back again. Then start with the left leg.

Strengthening of the leg and abdominal muscles


Exercise 5:

When kneeling, put the miniband around the sole of your foot. Tighten the miniband and turn it from the waist up to the front leg, lightly pressing against the knee with the other hand.

Repeat several times, then change the page.

Reinforcement of the arm musculature


Exercises for TOGU FLEXVIT Multi Band:

Since the FLEXVIT Multi Band is long, a variety of exercises are possible. Both for very tall people, but also for children and adolescents, the multiband can be used because the sewn loops provide a suitable resistance for everyone. In the middle of the multiband there is a red mark for orientation.

Exercise 1:

Slip your feet into the loops next to the mark. Create a light base tension with your legs out. Straighten palms forward and squat, lifting arms upwards.

Reinforcement and mobilization Hip flexor – Hip extensors – Back

Exercise 2:

Bend one arm about shoulder height and lift the arm with a long spine and stretch it to the side. Repeat several times, then change the page.

Lateral stretching – strengthening

Exercise 3:

In the stand scale, move the arms slightly up and down.
Optional: put the toe in the back

Training Balance and Coordination

Exercise 4:

While sitting, place the multiband around a sole of the foot. Both hands hold the fitness band. Turn from the waist up and pull the multiband in front of the breastbone.

Predominantly oblique abdominal muscles

Exercise 5:

In supine position with the feet next to the middle slip into the loops. Hold the Multiband with your hands under light tension. Fix upper arms to the floor. Alternately, push the feet outward in dorsiflexion.

Force hip – abductors



Claudia Hölzl