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From 12th to 15th November 2018, the international trade fair MEDICA will take place in Dusseldorf.

At the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry, 5,100 exhibitors from 66 nations are presenting their new products this year. TOGU will also be represented in the physiotherapy hall (Hall 4 / booth G16). The premium manufacturer of air-filled training and therapy equipment presents a multifunctional balance board as a trade fair highlight: Balanza® Vario.

Balance, coordination and sensorimotor training not only form an important basis in numerous sports, they also pay off in everyday movements. Particularly effective in terms of exercise science are exercises that activate and strengthen the deep-lying muscle groups. In this field the Bavarian company TOGU from Prien is a specialist. With a range of air-filled exercise equipment TOGU brings variety in the balance and coordination training. At the MEDICA 2018, TOGU will present the Balance Board Balanza® Vario, which is ready to be tested at the trade fair stand. The stability of the balance board can be individually controlled using the air-filled supports on the bottom. Apart from the variations of stability, the workout on the board offers a range of exercises – always perfectly adapted to the individual fitness level and training goal.

TOGU Balanza® Vario

Balanza Vario – Made in Germany – is the future of sensorimotor training for rehabilitation centers and physiotherapy practices. The wooden therapy and training station is characterized by its versatility: its stability is varied by means of exchangeable, air-filled  supports and other, smaller elements on the bottom. It gets even more challenging with a big, air-filled ball under the  middle of the board – so the balance must be completely balanced. The different levels of stability and the exercise options increase the variety of training and make the application more varied than normal balance boards. In addition, the Balanza® Vario promotes coordination, strength and agility. Physiologically, the floating, unstable base activates the deep-lying muscle groups to continuously compensate for the resulting vibrations. This strengthens the sensorimotor and the entire torso and especially the deep back muscles, which is responsible for a healthy back and the stability of the body. Thanks to its multifunctionality, Balanza® Vario is equally suitable for patients in rehabilitation as for high-performance athletes. The following video gives a brief insight into the training with Balanza Vario www.youtube.com/watch?v=GquuBkRNOkA.


TOGU Club: Free home fitness training
Exercising at home is practical and can be smoothly integrated into everyday life. The TOGU Club delivers a perfect all-round program for it. Each fitness device of the Upper Bavarian company is designed to improve the interaction of sensory motor function and performance. Each of the training circles presented as part of the TOGU Club have a specific focus and include exercises with and without training equipment. Depending on your personal focus, training in the TOGU Club promotes general fitness, strength and coordination, supports weight loss and promotes well-being. The free online training offers on a regular basis new fitness circles and this way stays always diversified. In the video tutorial fitness expert Gabi Fastner accompanies through all the exercises. Further information at www.togu.de/club

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