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Do you know COORDI? This is the trainer in the Challenge Disc 2.0 program.

You can´t be mad at him when he puffs his nose slightly and says, “It wasn´t bad, but you can do it better”. As a longtime selection gymnast in the national squad, of course, I don´t contradict him, but try again. And behold … the second time it worked better! Exercise is just the master.

A device that is suitable for all. Children, seniors, adults and competitive athletes can train on the versatile device.

Coordination, strength and balance are key factors in improving reactive, neuromuscular activation. Movements can be economized, attention and concentration can be increased, and reactions made more efficient and faster. The regular training can also make a significant contribution to the fall prophylaxis. Just a few minutes a day can help to achieve these results and to improve.

For older and insecure persons, there is also a foam ring, which fits exactly into the Challenge Disc 2.0 to reduce the instability. It is possible to save results and thus to understand performance increases. The programs can be chosen differently, are fun and inspiring.

For the starting a warm-up, balance control and testing can be done. Thereafter, there is the possibility to start with two training programs with both legs or one leg with a total of 5 adjustable performance levels. The display via laptop, tablet or smartphone even shows which half of the body is in better balance. If you prefer to play games, you can try as a goalkeeper, butterfly catcher or as a skier.

In any case, the Challenge Disc 2.0 will migrate immediately after the family test phase in my studio. There the participants are waiting to increase their concentration, to improve the strength, stamina, flexibility and reactions, to use health-conscious the small joint-stabilizing muscles and to strengthen the back.

Claudia Hölzl