When we move, the stability of the spine is reflexive, i.e. unconscious. In everyday life, we cannot control our core stability voluntarily.
That is why we should train this core control. If the brain, i.e. the spinal cord, is protected by good core stability (the spinal cord is the extension of our brain and runs in the vertebral canal),
then we feel safe, we are more mobile, we dare to move more in space!
Have fun with perceiving and moving!

You can use the new Brasil berry anywhere and at any time: at home for home fitness, in the home office for an active break, outdoors when walking or jogging, or when travelling. The special Senso nubs simulate your perception and promote blood circulation!



Single-leg stand

Eye-hand coordination, stabilisation, balance.













Throw and catch a Brasil with one hand, perform small mini moves with the other hand.
Before practising the other side, notice your position for a moment!
How different do the sides feel now? Do 2-3 sets per side for 20 seconds.



Closed stance with open toes

Mobilisation thoracic spine, shoulder joints













Stretch both arms above the head. Alternating with the exhalation, swing the right and left arm deeply in front of the body.
Lean the upper body to the right and left. Do 10-15 times per side.



Mobilisation of the thoracic spine












Extend both arms to the side. Now inhale and swing both arms forward.
Slightly hyperextend the thoracic spine. Exhale and open the arms again. 10-15 repetitions.


Strengthening the deep torso muscles, the leg muscles.













Hold both arms at right angles in front of the body. Now perform mini moves and turn the upper body to the side of the front leg at the same time.
For 20 seconds per side, 2-3 sets.


Strengthening the back extensor muscles and balance













Stand in a closed stance, lowering the buttocks backwards. Keep the back straight!
Now extend both arms in extension of the upper body and perform mini moves (opposite movements).
For 20 seconds, 2-3 sets.


Knee stand

Stabilisation of the centre of the body










Extend one leg to the side. Now move the arms from right to left in a large mill movement.
Lean the upper body to the right and left side. Do 10-15 repetitions per side.


Quadruped stand

Stabilisation of the body centre, balance










Stretch one leg back and the opposite arm towards the ceiling.
Perform mini moves. For 20 seconds per side, 2-3 sets.


Quadruped stand

Mobilisation of the spine, relaxation of the back.










Place the Brasil on the floor and roll back and forward with the hands.
While doing this, round and stretch the back alternately. Repeat this sequence of movements for about 1 minute.













… or simply hulling and shaking the Brasil at the same time! This promotes coordination and is fun!

Author: Gabi Fastner