The TOGU Jumper in goalkeeper training: Innovative goalkeeper exercises for top performance

Innovation and variety in goalkeeper training? Nowadays, goalkeepers don’t just shoot balls at the goal, they work with a lot of methods and different equipment. New stimuli can be added to goalkeeper training through the use of aids. Innovation and variety in goalkeeper training are crucial.

Goalkeeping Development, a leading platform for goalkeepers and goalkeeping coaches, today shares its expertise on the use of the TOGU Jumper in training. Our specialists explain how this versatile training partner promotes top performance.

The goalkeeper’s key role in the team and the importance of specialized training

The goalkeeper occupies a unique position in the team and requires specific training. His decisions and reactions have a decisive influence on the outcome of the game. Targeted and varied goalkeeper training is therefore essential.

The TOGU Jumper: essential equipment for goalkeeper training

The TOGU Jumper is a key component for effective goalkeeper training. Its unique instability forces goalkeepers to perfect their balance and body control, which is crucial for authentic play on the field. In addition, the Jumper allows for a variety of exercises that target specific muscle groups, ensuring comprehensive training that cannot be achieved through conventional methods alone. Goalkeeping Development regularly integrates the TOGU Jumper to ensure variety and innovation. Even the founder Michael Rechner, goalkeeping coach for the professionals at TSG Hoffenheim, regularly uses the Jumper in professional training.

Three effective exercises for goalkeepers with the TOGU Jumper


Exercise 1: Upper body strengthening and basic techniques

The goalkeeper sits on the TOGU Jumper and trains his abdominal muscles. At the same time, he receives balls for one-handed or two-handed kicking or catching. The automatic balancing movements of the upper body make this an ideal exercise for strengthening the core muscles. In addition to the jumper from the starting position, he then trains catching, the basket or falling.




Exercise 2: Strengthening the back and basic techniques while seated

The goalkeeper lies on the TOGU Jumper, receives balls thrown by the trainer to catch and strengthens his back muscles in the process. He then trains catching, basket or falling next to the jumper from a sitting or kneeling position.



Exercise 3: Leg strengthening and flank movement

The goalkeeper stands with one leg on the TOGU Jumper and receives balls kicked by the trainer to catch. This strengthens the leg muscles and trains balance. He then pushes himself up over the TOGU Jumper and trains the push-off and movement sequence when catching a cross.


Advantages of goalkeeper training with the TOGU Jumper

Training with the TOGU Jumper not only offers unique exercises for goalkeepers, but also presents a number of clear advantages that put conventional goalkeeper training in the shade.

  • Versatility: Trains different muscle groups and movement sequences.
  • Stability: Improves balance and body control.
  • Innovation: Provides new stimuli for effective and varied training.

The TOGU Jumper is therefore not just a training device, but a decisive factor for goalkeepers to increase their performance and experience versatile, effective training.


FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the TOGU Jumper in goalkeeper training


What makes the TOGU Jumper so special for goalkeeper training?

The Jumper offers versatile training options for the upper body, back and legs, making training varied and effective.


How often should the TOGU Jumper be used in training?

The frequency depends on the training goals, but regular inclusion in goalkeeper training is recommended to achieve optimal results.


Which age groups can use the TOGU Jumper?

The Jumper is suitable for goalkeepers of all ages and ability levels as the exercises can be customized.


Can the TOGU Jumper also be used for injury prevention?

Yes, targeted exercises can strengthen muscle groups and reduce susceptibility to injury.


Are there special training sessions for beginners with the TOGU Jumper?

Yes, Goalkeeping Development offers targeted beginner exercises to teach the basics of training with the Jumper.


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