New this summer: The Brasil® Aqua for training in the water

From the outside it cannot be seen and only too few train it, even though it is so important: Our deep musculature. In keeping with its motto “Move healthy – experience more”, the Bavarian family-owned company TOGU®, specialist for innovative training equipment in the area of coordination and balance, wants to change this and has developed the Brasil® product line to strengthen the deep musculature. Suitable for the warm season and new in the product range now, it is available also as Brasil® Aqua, the perfect sporty companion for training in the water.

The deep core muscles stabilize and protect the spine in all directions and are therefore essential for a healthy body. Our ability to balance is also very closely related to this musculature. If it deteriorates, back pain, tension and poor posture are the main consequences. Muscle and ligament injuries to the arms and legs can also occur more easily and more frequently due to weak deep musculature. It should therefore be trained regularly, but it can only be tensed reflexively and not voluntarily, which makes specific training even more difficult.

Whether in the original green or in the “berry” color, the Brasil® are characterized during training by the fact that they precisely address the deeper lying muscles. Thanks to their ingenious filling, they generate movement feedback when you shake them, which automatically leads to stabilization of the deep-lying chest, abdominal and back muscles through the reflexive tension of the arms. During the day, ten minutes of Brasil® workout is all it takes to strengthen the deep musculature, tone the body tissues and generally feel fitter and healthier. State-certified gymnastics teacher Gabi Fastner provides suitable exercises on her popular YouTube channel. In the Brasil® workout, she shows exercises and gives tips on how to move best and most efficiently with the Brasil®.

Wide range of applications

Even though the main field of application of the Brasil® is figure and health training, they can also be used as a joint-friendly additional weight for many endurance sports, such as jogging, due to their low weight of 200 gram each and the ergonomic shape. Thanks to their handy size, the Brasil® are easy to store and easy to transport when traveling. This makes them the ideal training companion for any destination, no matter how far away, even on a summer vacation. The pleasant Senso® nubs additionally stimulate the receptors of the hands and have a circulation-promoting effect.

Even more fun in the water with Brasil® Aqua

With the addition of Brasil® Aqua to the product line, training can also be integrated playfully in the water. The additional hand straps on the small devices prevent the Brasil® from getting lost in the water. This means that movements in the form of aqua gymnastics, for example, are no longer a problem. Whether in the swimming pool, in your own pool or outdoors in the lake and sea – the Brasil® Aqua can be taken anywhere without any problems and can be used purposefully and efficiently even in the water. TOGU ensures that there can be no more excuses: Something can be done for our health and well-being anytime and anywhere, without much effort or trouble



Author: TOC Agency for Communication