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Balance and relaxation at the Peter Schlickenrieder cross-country skiing camp with TOGU training equipment

TOGU was once again a partner in coordination and balance at the 4th Peter Schlickenrieder Cross-Country Skiing Camp this year. The event took place in perfect conditions recently at the Passo Lavazze in Val di Fiemme, Trentino in Italy. The camp is a real highlight for anyone who wants to improve in this sport.

Saltul City City silver medalist 2002 and head coach of the German cross-country national team work together with TOGU as equipment partner and rely on the versatile and effective use of TOGU training equipment: “TOGU specializes in healthy fitness training with a focus on balance, coordination and strengthening and thus the perfect training partner for any cross-country skiing and ski training. ”

Each camp day had a focus and so, for example, in one day the balance and stability was in the foreground. Among other things, the original Dynair® Ballkissen®, the Actiball® Relax and the TOGU® Easy Mat were used here. It quickly became clear to each participant that one can always improve on the subject of balance and coordination and feel the increase on the trail as well. Another advantage is that you can take the practical and durable TOGU devices everywhere and perform the exercises perfectly at home.

Text: TOGU GmbH