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mein Yoga
is body related
trains self-awareness
is unperturbed,
and easy to learn.

Find your center and activate body and mind.

The movement concept “mein Yoga” contains elements of classical yoga, modified by harmonious gymnastics sequences. Mein Yoga is a course concept for everyone because it is simple and challenging at the same time.

With the air-filled yoga roller Multiroll® mein Yoga – made in Germany – you can incorporate various gymnastic exercises in your training.

Through a needle valve, the air filling can be controlled individually with the enclosed ball pump. This way you can easily change the level of difficulty of the exercises. The Multiroll mein Yoga is extremely resilient due to the flexible material Ruton made in Germany (up to 200kg) and robust, easy to clean and washable. The material is 100% recyclable. The product is manufactured at the TOGU site in Germany in a fair and resource-saving manner. It is latex-free, contains no heavy metals and is free from banned ingredients (according to EU Directive 2005/84 / EC).

Here are some exercise examples:

Upright seat
Close both soles of the feet. One hand supports the body, the other hand stretches over the head, and while exhaling push the pelvis from one side to the other. With the inhalation move to the center. Exhale and change sides. 8-10 repetitions per side.
Mobilization of the spine, stretching of the body side.

Downward facing dog
Place the roll in front of your feet. Now lift your heels with your breath and push your shoulders over your hands as you exhale. While doing so, roll the roller forward with one foot. Bend your back! Come back with the inhale, exhale with your heels in the direction of the floor. 8-10 repetitions per side.
Strengthening the abdominal muscles, stretching the entire body back.


All fours
Put both lower legs on the reel. Now stretch your legs while exhaling and bend back with the inhalation. 10-15 repetitions.
Strengthening of the trunk stabilizers.

Lateral elbow support
Put the upward facing leg with the lower leg on the roll, with the downward facing leg behind it. Stretch the upper arm towards the ceiling. Bend the legs with inhalation, stretch again with the exhalation. 10-15 repetitions per side.
Strengthening of the lateral trunk musculature, torso stabilization, balance.

Supine position
Lie with the sacrum on the roll. The arms are laterally next to the body. Now cross the left leg over the right thigh. While doing so, lower the pelvis to the left with exhaling. Inhale to come back to the middle, with the exhale tilt to the other side. Turn the head to the opposite side. Per side 4-6 times. Then cross the other leg and repeat the flowing movement.
Mobilization of the spine, stretching of the gluteal muscles.


Supine position
Lie with the sacrum on the roll. Now stretch both legs diagonally behind. Grab the big toes with your thumb and forefinger. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds.
Elongation of the entire body back.


Upright sitting
Pinch the roll between the knees. Now lift the toes off the ground. Roll back with inhalation and roll forward with exhalation. Head and toes stay in the air throughout the movement! 10-15 repetitions.
Mobilization of the spine.

Supine position
Lay on the roll with the upper body. Keep feet closed on the ground. Now move your stretched arms in opposite directions. For 20-30 seconds. Let the breath flow.
torso stabilization, balance.

Supine position
Lay with your back on the roll. The buttocks are on the ground. Tilt your knees to the left and right (to ease your legs and bend your thighs forward). Open the arms to the side. Stay as long as you like. Inhale deeply into the abdomen.
Relax pelvic floor, stretching the chest muscles.

Place the roll between your feet. Open the knees to the side. Now put the upper body loosely forward on the roll. Lower with each exhalation.
Relaxation of the back.

Gabi Fastner