Already fit for the winter? Is your fascia tissue elastic, strong and supple to help with injury to your next winter sports experience?
Fascia, the connecting structure in the body is the physical component. It is important that you prepare your body with suitable exercises, that you can react especially in unforeseen circumstances and stay healthy.

  1. At first, use a jumper and jump in the classic way – with one, with both legs or backwards. Do the same (like outdoors) as cross-country skis or snowboard boots, so you can adjust the body to the weight on the feet
  2. Move sideways from the jumper to the four-legged stand. Now “jump” with your hands on the jumper – with one hand, with both or backwards. Lift your knees off the floor, this trains the whole body.
  3. Sit in the stirrup, put one foot on the inner thigh of the other leg and lean down to the stretched leg. Where do you feel the greatest restriction in your body? Lie down with this spot on a FASZIO® ball and relax on it. Only when the defensive tension has subsided do you slowly (about 1 cm per long breath) start to slide the body in different directions over the ball to loosen bonds. After 1-3 minutes, test your elasticity again on your flank. Repeat the exercise if necessary. You may be aware of another limited job that you want to focus on. Then change the page.

With the first two exercises you train the elasticity of your arms and legs and include the entire body. With the 3rd exercise you loosen adhesions in the lateral trunk area, so that a smooth rotation ability is given. It increases performance and reduces the susceptibility to injury, if you additionally take advantage of exercise offers in the 3 months before your next winter holiday, which bring you out of your comfort zone.

The most important thing is: have fun!


Faszio andTOGU