How shall I stock my TOGU product?

The product should be situated away from heat. Dynair products shall be stored only horizontally.
Caution:Keep the product away from sharp or peaked objects


How can I care or clean up my TOGU product?

All products made by TOGU (made in Germany), unless otherwise stated, are made of high quality material Ruton® All products are washable and can be cleaned with usual detergents and desinfectants. Do not use solventborne or corrosive detergants.


What material and contents a TOGU product is made of?

Our products are made of PVC. The special mixture is patented and called Ruton® All our products made in Germany are latexfree and free of forbidden materials as heavy metals. We produce free of forbidden plasticizers and phthalates and fulfilling the strict EU regulation for PVC productions.


Is the material easily flammable?

Our products are flame retardant. The material is even self-extinguishing below 300 degrees Celsius. The flame point is above 300 degrees Celsius.


How can I pump or re pump my TOGU product?

Only inflate and deflate the product if it is warmed up to room temperature. Please respect the noted maximum measurements, otherwise the material can be overstretched.

Products with rubber valve:

Regulate the air filling with a usual needle pump (e.g. used for footballs). The needle has to be moistened before inserting it carefully and straight into the valve. NOTE: inserting the needle into flat products do not puncture the opposite side.

Products with plug valve:

Pump with an air pump or a blower. If you use a compressor please respect the maximum diameter.

Coloured and playballs with plastic valve:

All playballs or coloured balls made by TOGU are equipped with a plastic valve.
Like every car tire, the ball also loses air after a storage time of about 8-12 months. This process is called diffusion. To restore the original condition, the balls must be repumped.
For the postpumping of balls with plastic valves, we have developed special nipples for the pumps (Note: do not use a needle valve pump!)
This special nipple fits all soccer pumps. For lacquered balls, you may need to use a small nail for the first time, the valve of the paint residue might be removed, as refilling is impossible. Caution! Note maximum diameter!


ABS Balls (Anti-Burst-System):

See special ABS instruction for use attached to each ABS ball box.


How long I shall conduct the exercises you recommend?

Exercises as e.g. sit ups can be repeated 15 to 30 times, 2 to 3 repetitions and 30 to 60 seconds regeneration break each time. This depends on your personal fitness level. Balance exercises ususally will be hold for 20 to 30 seconds.
Please ask in any case before starting to exercise a educated trainer, therapist or medical doctor.


Where can I register my product for the 30-year warranty?

Your product with the possibility for the 30-year warranty, can be register here.

Are there any costs if I register for 30-year-manufacturer-warranty?

No, this is a cost free additional service for you. Declaration of Warranty


What does the blue AGR proven and recommended seal mean?

The seal is given by a independent jury of medical doctors and scientists and means , that the product is especially back friendly, in our case back friendly training tool and for dynamic sitting. More on


Large Fitness and Sitting Balls:

How can I determine the correct size for my ABS or MyBall?

S= 36 cm to max. 45 cm ball diameter for body height up to 155 cm
M= 46 cm to max. 55 cm ball diameter for body height from 156 cm up to 165 cm
L= 56 cm to max. 65 cm ball diameter for body height from 166 cm up to 178 cm
XL= 66 cm to max. 75 cm ball diameter for body height from 178 cm

How can I measure the ball diameter?

The simplest way to check the size is by using a twine.
First determine the length of the tape for the circumference (diameter x 3.14). Place the
string around the ball. As soon as the twine tightens during postpumping, the
size is reached.

With a measuring tape and a piece of carton: Pump your ball. Mark e.g. 65 cm using your measuring tape at the wall. Using the piece of carton you can control the height (=diameter) of the ball.

When is the ball correctly pumped?

If the ball reaches the correct diameter (please note the maximum diameter).

I want to use a ball for sitting on it, could imagine also to use it as a fitness ball for exercises and training? Which model do you recommend?

There are many different models depending on the proposed use.

The Allrounder: TOGU Powerball ABS

Adepted for training and also sitting. ABS stands for manufacturer guarantueed and patented Anti-burst-material, which is a safety system in case of puncturing or damages the ball is burst proof.

The Specialist: TOGU Sitzball ABS

Not as dynamic as the Powerball ABS. For this reason ideal as ball for sitting.

The Dynamic: TOGU MyBall

MyBall is a very dynamic ball, also available as soft version with foamed material. The MyBall is loadable up to 500 kg, but is not using ABS material.

The new one: Pendel Ball ABS

The Pendel Ball is because of its oval shape as well stable as dynamic. It is loadable up to 1000 kg and offers a safety limit of 250 kg. Further advantage: Pendel Ball won’t roll away when you stand up.

What does “burst-proof” mean?

The “skin” of the exercise ball is between 0.5 mm and 3 mm “thick” depending on the quality. If the skin of the ball is damaged and scratched by sharp edges, cats’ claws, little grains on the wall and floor etc., this makes the ball wall even thinner at this point. When a load is then applied, for example when someone sits on it, conventional balls can burst suddenly within a fraction of a second without giving the user any chance to react. And so safety does not depend on what load the ball can take when the skin is intact. All you need to know is how the ball is going to behave when the skin is already damaged in advance or becomes damaged in use, because this is where there is a risk of an accident!


Dynair Ballcushion and other products with a needle valve:

Which is the right size for my Ballchushion?

You can choose between a diameter of 30 cm, 33 cm, 36cm and 39 cm. Furthermore there are Ballcushions with 50cm and 80cm in diameter. The right size depends on the intended purpose and on your own feeling. The 30 cm version is recommended for children, 33, 36 and 39 cm versions are suitable for adults. Basically it can be stated, the greater the Ballcushion, the more unstable it is, thus intensifying the training effect. The body weight should have no influence on the choice, because all Ballcushions can resist loads of at least up to 200 kg.

Do I have to pump up my Ballcushion and Airgo Cushion before using it?

No, because all Dynair products are delivered with the right air charge and are ready for immediate use.

When and how should I pump up my Dynair Ballcushion and Airgo Cushion?

You should always ensure that the surface remains flat. Just like a car or bicyle tire tends to lose air after some time TOGU products might also lose some air. In this case you should pump in some air with a needle valve pump (ball pump TOGU).
Always moisten the needle of the pump before careful introducing it into the needle valve. If possible, raise the area surrounding the needle valve between thumb and forefinger, so that you do not damage the material with the needle.

How do I remove air from the Dynair Ballcushion or Airgo Cushion, if it has been pumped up too much?

The products can be easily deflated, by inserting only the needle into the valve without the pump and then squeeze the air out .

Can I use the armrest or backrest of my chair while sitting on the Dynair Ballcushion?

Yes, because dynamic sitting should be preferred to sitting stiff. Every movement, even when trying to use the armrest will be part of a dynamic sitting, which will strengthen your back musculature.

Can I do something wrong which will pose a health risk to my back, while sitting on the Dynair Ballcushion, for example sitting too long?

No, because if you sit too long on a Ballcushion it might only cause you some sore muscles, just like after an intense training. You will notice when sitting becomes too exhausting, and then you can leave the Ballcushion for some time or stand up from time to time.
For an extended period of sitting our experts recommend the Dynair Wedge Ballcushion Premium or the Airgo Seat and Back Cushion.

What are the knobbs on the Dynair Ballcushion good for and which side should I use?

The knobbed side has a massage effect and has the purpose to enhance the perception of stimuli. (e.g. perform exercise barefooted on the knobbed side). You can choose whichever side pleases you best for sitting.

Which is the difference between the happyback Ballcushion and the Dynair Ballcushion?

The difference is in the processing of the material Ruton and the resulting purpose of use for the Ballcushions.
The happyback Ballcushion is made of foamed Ruton. It is therefore softer than the Dynair Ballcushion. The happyback Ballcushion is a pure seatcushion. The side effect: the surface of the cushion will take on a saddle form after being used for some time, because of the softer material.
The Dynair Ballcushion is a training and therapy device. Because of the stiffer material it is suitable for sitting as well as for exercises.



Can the Brasil be used in water as well?

Yes, the Brasil are waterproof up to a depth of 2,5 meters. They should be stored dry after each water training and they must not be kept permanently in water (if stored permanently in water chloride will harm the material).


Redondo Ball

How to pump up a Redondo Ball?

You can use either a straw that comes with the package or any similar straw. Because the Redondo Ball is equipped with a simple plug valve, it can also be pumped up with any reciprocating pump (e.g. TOGU Powerball Hand Pump)