TOGU Academy makes you familiar with the concept of Healthy Training and how to educate trainers and therapists in using TOGU products in your local market.

Participants and Qualifications:
You are multiplicator and educator of trainers, sports coaches and teachers, physiotherapists, practitioners and professionals in health, movement and fitness business.


  • Experience the TOGU spirit and the manufacturing of a TOGU product
  • Learn more about the Healthy Training concept and „How to use and benefit from TOGU products“
  • Learn more about specific application of TOGU products in daily training and therapy
  • Special features for physical therapy and group fitness

Get your certificate: Official TOGU Master Educator

The TOGU Academy is developed and inspired by international fitness and physio experts. Content is based on the latest scientific and medical knowledge as well as on many years of practical experience. The two days are full of practising and exercises for a defined package of core products. There are up to 500 exercises in various degrees of difficulty.

After the education, you will have a structure and plan, how to  implement the products in your own or new concepts:

Both lines are educated: physio related work (one to one) and group related work (fitness)

TOGU Healthy Training – the concept

This workbook is designed for educators of trainers, sports coaches and teachers, physiotherapists, practitioners and professionals in health, movement and fitness business.

It explains the basics of the TOGU Healthy Training concept and how to educate trainers and therapists.

A standard training concept includes cardio and strength training only. In the last few years the development of training and scientific research leads to more interest in fascial structures of our body and how they react on training impacts. So the latest knowledge in this exciting field is integrated in TOGU Healthy Training. But, to create a truly holistic training concept, you need to integrate the sensorimotor system, coordination and balance. In TOGU Healthy Training the sensorimotor system is considered as a common fundament, which creates a basic stability for the human body. Training this way, your standard training becomes a real functional and holistic training for the whole human body.

Healthy Training effects the whole body and your every day life.

Each form of training (cardio – strength – fascia) cannot be trained separately. You can always only focus on a specific training. If you for example focus on cardio, you will always train strength as well. If you focus on strength, the fascial structures and your cardio system will be involved at the same time. If you focus on fascia, strength is always part of it. In TOGU Healthy Training these three fundamental training forms are always trained in combination with the sensorimotor system of our body by the use of TOGU training devices. Scientific researches evidence, that nerval structures can be trained by sensorimotor stimuli. This leads to faster and more concrete reactions of our body on training stimuli.

It becomes apparent, that a holistic and functional training needs a trained sensorimotor system as a necessary condition. Using TOGU training devices in your training and therapy is a holistic and free way to reach your personal goals. You are able to integrate TOGU in different training forms and therapeutic treatments.

By using TOGU training devices in:

  • cardio training the deep, periarticular muscle structures are achieved in a better way by intensive sensorimotor stimuli. This leads to an improved joint stability and thus prevents injuries.
  • strength training the coordination within the muscle (intramuscularly) and between the different groups of muscles (intermuscularly) is improved. There is a significant improvement of performance, which presents itself in the economy and an improved sense of movement.
  • fascia training you will boost the reactive capacities and myofascial release, your flexibility, the sense of movement and optimize your posture.

The concept covers every age and every fitness level – from untrained to athletes.
Implement each pillar of training by using TOGU training devices!
Create new challenges and experiences to your body and soul!

Individual benefits:

  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Improved stability and agility
  • Enhanced flexibility and muscle strength
  • Improved reactivity
  • Boosted brain and memory fitness
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Effective at any age and for any fitness level

Gaining these benefits and improved skills, enables the user to reach any training goal depending on personal needs. Effective at any age and for any fitness level – from untrained to athletes