Mobility Training is an important component for keeping the body healthy.

Most people have experienced that limited mobility is often associated with tension and pain.

It is limited shoulder girdle mobility, which manifests itself with neck pain, or tension and pain in the lower back, which makes the pelvis and legs tight. But also joint inflammations, even arthroses, can be attributed to limited mobility.

With Mobility Training, we are able to treat these, mostly due to myofascial imbalances, by means of

To get things back on track, break through pain cycles and release tensions. But also supply with nutrients, remove inflammatory messengers and metabolic waste products, make the tissue soft, flexible and permeable.

This is exactly what the DVD “Mobility Routine” by Gunda Slomka takes care of.

Each region of the body has its own little Mobility Routines:

– Mobility Routine for a free neck

– Mobility routine for a pain-free back

– Mobility Routine for more freedom and joy of movement

– Mobility routine for hip and foot












author: eo Verlag