Counteract tensions with the Spiky Massage ball

For today, there’s no more “I have to hurry…!”, “Have you already…?” and “I can make it to…! Your feet, your hands, your back, your neck and your shoulders – they have done enough today.

Now it’s time for a little relaxation – so come and take the couch and do something for yourself. Maybe your partner will join you?

Grab a Spiky ball, a Spiky Massage ball long or even the Brasil and off you go with the self-massage.

Close your eyes and enjoy the pleasant feeling of the pimples and the pressure on your skin.

Roll slowly and consciously and notice where it is especially pleasant.

Take a few minutes to achieve the good feeling of relaxation and letting go. And feel how you feel after the massage. A little more relaxed? A little more flexible? A little refreshed?

Maybe you will succeed in integrating the self-massage into your daily evening routine and thus do something for relaxation and well-being.

Which Spiky ball do I want to use?