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We all learn to walk since childhood. But through our everyday lives, the many seats, the use of elevators and escalators and the many car rides, we have partially forgotten the most natural forms of movement, walking and running.

The Brasil® support you in your natural movement. You activate the deep abdominal and back muscles and gently train the entire upper body and arm muscles.

Walking is particularly suitable for beginners or people with overweight. Here, the cardiovascular load can be kept low, and the lack of flight phase, which exists while running, the joints are spared. The Brasil® are either carried only in the hands when walking or shaken during interval training in between to training the deep trunk muscles. It can be continued quickly.

Some people think running is just about legs in action. While running the entire body must actively support the running movement. Hull strength and a stable body center are very crucial for a joint-gentle running style. With the Brasil® in the hand, the core musculature is inevitably strained while running and at the same time the arm muscles are trained. Due to the low weight and the size of the Brasil®, they can also be trained for the wrist and elbow joints while running.

Gabi Fastner