Exercises for in between at the workplace

Many workstations have been restructured in the last few months into home office spaces.

The “new gained” time due to the elimination of travel time is used by many people to do more sports. What at first glance seems to be a blessing for many people, also has a number of disadvantages.

Daily habitual exercise is eliminated, such as walking to the train, cycling to work, climbing stairs to the subway or to the office, or simply walking to the canteen, to the printer, etc.

Making everyday life as active as possible is an important component of our health.

Without exercise, we tire more quickly and our concentration decreases. Of course, little exercise also promotes back pain, obesity, cardiovascular problems, joint or vein problems.

There are many ways to integrate as much movement as possible into everyday life. A large number of exercises can be done without a lot of equipment.

In addition to reduced movement, ergonomic problems often occur. Only few people can work at home at a computer workstation that meets all the requirements for healthy, dynamic sitting.

There are also simple, fast solutions to optimize the height of the chair or to design the chair “in motion”.

Perhaps you can develop small routines that make it easier for you to integrate movement effortlessly into your everyday life.

I show you some moving possibilities for an active and healthy everyday life.

Move every hour for at least 2 minutes!



Back mobilization





















Sit on a Powerball and swing your pelvis from right to left, from front to back. Move 8 -10 times in each direction.













You can perform the same movements on a Dynair ball cushion.


Activation of the fuselage stabilizers


Sit upright on the Powerball. Now lift one leg slightly off the ground. Stretch out your arms to the side and make small circular movements with your arms.

Circle 10 – 15 times forward, then backward.












You can do the same exercise on a Dynair ball cushion

Activation of the stabilizers, training of the balance ability












Stand on the Dynair ball pillow either with both, or as an aggravation with one foot. Try to keep the balance for about 20 – 30 seconds

Activation of the vein pumps, the calves











Sit upright, with both feet on the Dynair wedge cushion. Now roll your feet from the tip of your foot to the heel. Kick for about 1 minute.


Mobilization of the thoracic spine











Sit upright on the Dynair wedge cushion. Raise both arms at right angles while inhaling, pushing the sternum diagonally upwards. Now, as you exhale, bring your elbows together in front of your sternum, rounding your back. 10 -15 repetitions.


Activation of the fuselage stabilizers











Sit upright. Hold the Jacaranda ball in both hands in front of the sternum. Now rotate the ball in one direction for 10 – 20 seconds, then in the other direction.


Strengthening of the finger muscles, mobilization of the finger joints











Knead the GAB! ball in one hand. Move each finger individually, then knead with all fingers. Each hand approx. 1 minute.


Mobilization of the shoulder joints, the shoulder girdle











The GAB! Ball from behind the back from above into the other hand downwards. Then change sides. Repeat 8-10 times with each side.


Activation of both brain hemispheres, formation of new synapses between the brain cells, coordination











In one hand, shake a Brasil next to your ear in a rhythm of your own. With the other hand throw and catch a Brasil. Practice the individual movements first, then combine the two movements. Each side for about 30 seconds.

“Not being able to” is allowed 😉


Mobilization of the thoracic spine, neck relaxation











Roll the Brasil right and left alternately back and forth on the thighs. Keep your eyes on the back shoulder.

Strengthening of the back extensor muscles, activation of the trunk stabilizers











Sit upright. Now bend the upper body slightly forward. Stretch your arms forward in extension of your upper body. Make small chopping movements with the brasils above your head. For 20 seconds, pause, then repeat the movement again.

Gabi Fastner