Although futsal is gaining in importance in Germany, it remains an extremely popular indoor variant of soccer in many countries. However, the demands on a futsal player differ significantly from those on grass. The smaller ball, the indoor floor, the smaller pitch and the different rules of the game require special body control and skill.

Quick changes of direction and one-on-one duels

In futsal, quick changes of direction, lightning-fast tackles and frequent one-on-one duels are the order of the day. Both in defense and offense, players must demonstrate their balance and responsiveness in order to be effective.

Balance training for better performance and injury prevention

Studies clearly show the positive effect of balance training in futsal. Regular balance training significantly reduces the risk of injury and shortens downtimes after injuries. In addition, athletic performance can be significantly increased and general mobility improved.

The importance of static balance ability

The basis of balance training lies in the static balance ability, which is promoted through exercises in the one-legged stance. The aim is to maintain a stable position over a longer period of time.

Dynamic and reactive balance exercises in futsal training

There are ideal exercises for futsal-specific balance training that not only train balance, but also ball awareness and technique. These exercises only require a balancing tool, a ball and a teammate.

Example exercises for futsal balance training:

  • Exercise 1: High pass while standing on one leg on the Aero Step
  •  Exercise 2: Header juggling while standing on two legs on the Aero Step
  • Exercise 3: Direct passing while standing on one leg on the Balance Block

A futsal player who regularly undergoes balance training can give the right answers to the following questions at crucial moments:

  • Can I follow my opponent without losing my balance?
  • Can I hold on to the ball despite contact with my opponent and remain stable at the same time?
  • Can I finish powerfully and precisely after a quick turn?

Balance training is important for success in futsal and will lead your team to victory.