Fascia training with the Actiroll® Wave and the Moonhopper® Sport

For some years now, no one in the sports and fitness industry has been able to avoid the term “fascia training”.
The primary goal is to avoid or loosen the adhesions in the fasciae that lead to tension and the associated pain.
What only a few people know: Not only fascia rollers can help here, but also springy, bouncing movements.
As a result, the Bavarian company TOGU offers the fascia roller “Actiroll® Wave” and the “Moonhopper® Sport”, a complete fascia package for optimal training of the fascial connective tissue.


The fascia is the net-like connective tissue that surrounds and holds together muscles, organs, tendons, bones and ligaments.
Their tasks are manifold: for example, they serve as a guiding structure for blood vessels and nerve cords as well as a water and force reservoir.
They also protect against injuries and enable movement by cushioning shocks and acting as sliding rails for muscle strands and organs.
An unhealthy diet, stress and lack of exercise, sleep and fluids can cause fascia to stick together.
With age, fascia also loses elasticity, which further promotes adhesions. Tension, joint pain and tendonitis can be the result.
This makes regular training all the more important to keep the fascial connective tissue soft and stretchable.


Release fascial adhesions with the Actiroll® Wave

To release and prevent fascial adhesions, massage with a fascia roller is a proven tool. Almost any part of the body can be “unrolled” using your own body weight.
The pressure forces old lymph fluid out of the fascial structures, which is then replaced by new “clean” fluid – also called the “sponge effect”.
This fluid exchange loosens the adhesives between the individual fascial strands.
At the same time, waste products are removed and the blood circulation of the connective tissue is stimulated


The TOGU Actrioll® Wave is an air-filled and at the same time hard roller, which provides a deeper massage effect through a wave structure. Unlike foam rollers, the fascia roller can be adjusted to different degrees of hardness according to preference by inflating it with the included hand pump. In addition, the Actiroll® Wave is also suitable for rolling over joints and vertebrae.
There is no risk of injury due to the slight bouncing effect caused by the air filling.
Due to its back-friendly design and effectiveness against tension in the back area, the Actrioll® Wave was awarded the AGR seal of approval by the forum “Gesunder Rücken – besser leben e.V.” and the “Bundesverband deutscher Rückenschulen (BdR) e.V.”.
The Actrioll® Wave is available in three sizes (S, M and L) and colours.





Loosen fascias while jumping with the Moonhopper® Sport

Jumping exercises also help to loosen the fascias, because the springy movements also cause old tissue fluid to be removed and new fluid to flow in, so that adhesions are reduced. The accompanying exchange of nutrients and the heat of movement also promote the elasticity of the fascia.


The ideal fitness device for a springy fascia workout is the TOGU Moonhopper® Sport.
The bouncing top can be loaded up to 110 kg and is suitable for young and old.
Possible “bouncing exercises” range from hopping, to bouncing, to balancing.
At the same time, the jumping ball trains coordination and balance and intensively trains bounce and endurance.
The Moonhopper® Sport is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and was developed in cooperation with german national Snowboard team.




 Author: Kira Stürzer, TOC Agentur for communication