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In preparation of the Nordic World Ski Championships 2019, which takes place from 19 February to 3 March in Seefeld, TOGU provides an insight behind the scenes of the German Ski Association e.V. (DSV).
The world-famous manufacturer of high-quality sports equipment and physiotherapy material makes a very individual contribution to DSV fitness training. As a supplier of the new generation project ‘DSV on tour’ and partner of the DSV coaching school, TOGU has established its fitness equipment in the training of athletes and juniors.

Whether alpine skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing or telemark – balance, coordination and core stability are essential to all ski disciplines.

This is precisely the focus of a great deal of TOGU fitness equipment and so it can be perfectly integrated into the training of DSV athletes. From this synergy the cooperation between TOGU and DSV has emerged. “We are very pleased to be able to support the German Ski Association as Official Supplier of ‘DSV on tour’ in the promotion of young talent and coach training. This way we can use our effective sports equipment in training the youth and make winter sports more accessible to many people, “says TOGU marketing director Wolfgang Moosleitner about the cooperation. With the school year 2018/19, ‘DSV on tour’ started into a new project phase: DSV employees visit schools and clubs and offer the kids a versatile, ski-specific training. The coordination, dexterity and balance games with TOGU devices convey the joy of movement to the offspring and aim to inspire them to train in the club. In addition, the program offers club trainers and teachers suggestions for further training sessions and school lessons.

From jumps on the Jumper® to jumps on the slopes

At the DSV, TOGU training devices are increasingly used in junior training, in the training, further education and training of coaches as well as in the preparation of the athletes. This benefits top and top athletes in Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, freestyle and biathlon as well as active recreational athletes. The Jumper®, for example, an air-filled trampoline ball, is a perfect training device for skiers. Due to its versatility, practically all muscle groups and in particular the deeper muscles can be trained. At the same time, the balance, the coordination and thus also the sensorimotor functions are improved.

TOC Agentur for Communication
Lorena van Kempen