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Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL Level III blue

Simply stay fit by more balance, coordination and strenght. Perfect for every back training
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Dynair® Ballcushion® XXL

With the Dynair Ballcushion XXL - made in Germany - you can feel and train the deeper laying musculature.
It's challenging and boosts the performance for everyone to use it, because of the diameter of 50 cm. High level coordination and stability training. Because of a very labile design, it's a great challenge for a much better perfomance. It is a perfect tool in prevention, therapy or at home.

The difference between the Dynair Ballkissen Level VI to Level III and Meditation is the degree of stiffness of the material. The Dynair Ballkissen Level III and Meditation have the same stiffness and hence the same degree of lability. There is only a difference in color. The Dynair Ballkissen Level IV is softer. Thus you have a higher training effect caused by the higher lability of your training tool. It is more difficult than training with the Dynair Ballkissen Level III and Meditation.

Expert opinion of Dr. med. Gerrit Sommer, German National Snowboard Team Physician – Medical Specialist for general medicine / sports medicine / chiropractics / naturopathic medicine:
"In the National Snowboard Team we use the Dynair Ballkissen XXL for training purposes because of the unique opportunity it provides to train both coordination and strength, on one or two legs, at the same time. Both in free-stance stabilization training and in training on devices such as the cable pull or leg press, the Dynair Ballkissen XXL is an excellent choice for improving movement sequences under exertion. Also, coordinative training with the Dynair Ballkissen XXL is fun !"

Technical details:

Size: ca. 50 cm diameter
Weight: ca. 2.500 g
Max. load: ca. 200 kg

*In case of discomfort before, during or after training the doctor must be consulted.

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